Black Out Monologue

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Black out Jimmy has or always been a nut but something was about to turn him into a tiny raisin of stupidity. So there was a season final on TV. This was good really good! I love season finals – but this was special. This was the greatest show of all time!!! Well that was what my friends said and I believed them; He has great taste in TV shows. So next I arrived and everything was ready (3 large pizza`s two drink`s and a litre of no of parents!!! we’ll all most… no parents it’s a wannabe parent kinder we called her bootzilla. she always wears these doc martin boots I was convince she loved them more than her whole family. She was always threatening us. But we have one rule about her never EVER say her name all she will appear you could be looking to the right she will appear to the left! I have never been so scared of a seven year old in my whole life. AND she is in this house with US!!! What did I do to deserve this, “The shows on in 2 hours, what do you want to do?” “Let’s play some…show more content…
So our plan starts with her going out and BOOM dun (look do you really want to hear me talk about how many times i trip on the generator so let’s say 74 minutes latter) so 2 more minutes to our show starts and then I here this voice WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ITS STARTING!!!” I give a small burster of laughter while jimmy says and I quote “ok ok we are just getting the angle ready!” she nerved replied and I don’t blame her I look at him and nod he looks at he’s watch and nods back and…and what came after that flick of a switch and we here screaming banging heck even cursing we wear rolling on the ground cracking up with laughter…but then something that was not so funny happened next…Jimmy touch a loose wire then well let’s say he went to a better place…MY house he got a blister “WAIT WE LEFT BOOTZILLA AT YOUR HOUSE” I say panic voice, then in the calmest voice after what happened he says “don’t worry daydream on Elmer st 2 is on next, “you know they or ways go downhill after the
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