Black Panther ( Marvel Comics )

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Black Panther (Marvel Comics )
February 17
By, Kyle Marxen
Cultural Diamond Paper

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Marvel Comics
Black Panther Introduction
Culture has many different definitions. Culture could mean someone likes literature, music, food, or art. Culture is a human tool, but the tool can be very fragile. Culture can change and it can be lost like it is found. Examinations of cultural objects do not tell us much about the culture of the large society, but it does show us cultural patterns within a certain culture. These objects can show us a certain piece of someone 's culture and what it means about that particular culture. A cultural object is something that is made by human beings; it just does not come out of nowhere. I
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This paradigm also takes into account how an audience responds to the cultural object. “The final part of the diamond is the social world, which is the point in the diamond sees if the object fits in the social world in which it is found” (Griswald 1994). Black Panther was written in 1966. This is when we were dealing with racism all over the country. Black Panther was the first black superhero ever created. The lines that link these four points say something very specifically. It states that if you have a cultural object it will always be linked to a creator, receiver, and a social world. You cannot have one without the other.
Cultural Object
Black Panther has special abilities just like any superhero. “Black Panther’s knowledge is one of those powers that let the Panther draw the knowledge, strength, and experiences from every previous Black Panther” (CBS Interactive Inc. 2015, para 50). Black Panther also has superhuman agility, senses, strength, endurance, and durability. “All of these superhuman abilities come from a heart shaped herb” (CBS Interactive Inc. 2015). The herb also gives the Black Panther a healing factor that is naturally healing at its peak. Black Panther also has superhuman speed. The Panther can run and move faster than any normal human. Black Panther has a genius level intellect. “T’Challa also known as the Black Panther is a master of tactician, physicist, and engineer” (CBS Interactive Inc. 2015). T’Challa was taught by his father in
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