Black Panther Party Pros And Cons

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Introduction The Black Panther Party had a great deal of negative outlooks portrayed on them by not everyone, but more than half of the society. Without a doubt, the Black Panther Party addressed multiple situations with violent acts that implemented negativity towards them. The late Martin Luther King believed that he could obtain equality without having to use violence as a lament, instead the Black Panther’s believed that King’s non-violence movement had failed, and that violence was necessary to get through to the people who saw black communities and minority groups as insignificant. Although, the Black Panther Party only granted membership to African Americans, they weren’t anti-white, the Black Panther Party considered themselves…show more content…
Panther’s Purpose In Oakland, California in October of 1966 Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale what was known as the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Newton and Seale were two African-American activists. It began as poor black people from the same community joining together and entwining in the same ideology. The Black Panther Party is considered the first organization in the history United States of America, to struggle militantly exert oneself for ethnic minority and working-class famishment. Bobby Hutton, seventeen years of age at the time was the first person to agglutinate himself as a Black Panther, aside Newton and Seale. Consequently, seventeen-year-old Hutton was gunned down by Oakland police on April 6, 1968. Bobby Hutton was killed at his home in Oakland, California in a ninety minute shootout with the police, Hutton was unarmed. Although the Black Panther Party addressed situations violently, the purpose of the Panthers was to domiciliate revolution for authentic economic, social, and political equality through gender and color equitably. The Black Panther went on to arm themselves for protection against law enforcements. Newton and Seale believed that the Party could become penetrable with the acquirement of firearms. With this militaristic image, the Panthers were beginning to be scrutinized by the government, the Panthers were well aware of this. Occasionally, policemen would find themselves interrupting or disassemble gatherings of the
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