Black People : Are We Worth Or Worthless? Essay

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Jigaboos (Black People) : Are we worth or worthless in America? ‘’I speak advisedly when I say this, - that killing a slave, or any colored person, in Talbot county, Maryland, is not treated as a crime, either by the courts or the community. Mr. Thomas Lanman, of St. Michael’s killed two slaves, one of whom he killed with a hatchet, by knocking his brains out. He used to boast of the commission of the awful and bloody deed. I have heard him do so laughingly, saying, among other things, the he was the only benefactor of his country in the company, and that when others would do as much as he had done, we should be relieved of the d-------d niggers’’ (The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass pg. 364, 1845) “Freeze! Hands behind your head!’’ “Click, Clack, Bow, Victim is down” “Officer I am innocent, please don’t shoot” “One n***** down, many more to go”, “Go back to Africa!” As a black man, hearing these statements from the shoes of the white and black man, I wonder what do these phrases tell you? I know what these phrases tell me: that back in history the lives of black individuals in the South had no worth to the white man, except to the extent they could profit from them. Killings of innocent blacks was the norm in U.S. history because, if it was not about the use of the black man for profit, as horrifying as it was back then, black people were being attacked or killed without it being treated as a crime.
This part of history has strong significance with some of
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