`` Black Philadelphia `` By Leroy Berry

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Leroy Berry grew up in “Black Philadelphia”—a community where “structural inequalities and racism” creates “a unique Afro-American…subculture” (Lane 226). Growing up in “the streets” caused him to realize that he never wanted his kids to go through what he did, and he strived to get out. Due to the awful education system given to urban black youth, Leroy Berry realized he could not get out of the “hood” through his education alone and realized he had to excel in basketball to even attempt to leave. This migration up in society is a plight many black citizens face. “In the modern American economy…it has grown difficult, perhaps impossible, for any large block of citizens to move up as a group. And it is hard to predict whether all this will change in ways that improve the position of the nation’s impoverished blacks” (Lane 366). Leroy Berry didn’t believe he’d ever get out of the environment white America provided for black urban youth. “I grew up in a small house, filled to the brim—uncles, aunts, cousins, all lived there. I don’t even know how I got to be so tall! There was no room for me to grow,” Leroy explains. Housing in black neighborhoods are poorly built. After the migration to the North, “Philadelphia faced an avalanche of black migration…Everywhere in the urban North where poor blacks jammed into aged hovels and seedy flats emerged in the 1920s as urban blotch rife with deadening anomie and recognizable as the ‘dark ghetto’” (Baufman 311). This

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