Black Phosphorus Research Paper

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Black Phosphorus was discovered in 1914. There was little known about it when it was first discovered but that has changed in the past few decades. Researchers are looking into using black phosphorus as a semiconductor, in electronics, optics, and LEDs. Many factors are to be considered when thinking of using black phosphorus as a semiconductor, the cost, if large-scale synthesis is possible while to being to complicated or expensive. Black Phosphorus has the potential to be a great semiconductor because of its large tunable band gap. These are qualities that are wanted for semiconductors however there needs to be further studies regarding black phosphorus to gain a better understanding. Black phosphorus has many benefits and flaws compared…show more content…
[2] 588.399MPa of pressure was applied at room temperature to phosphorus though the medium of the kerosene, the temperature was then raised to 200°C and the pressure was raised to 1225.831MPa. The transition from white to black phosphorus under these conditions taking from 5-30 minutes and yielding approximately 50g of black phosphorus.[2] Bridgeman discovered that Black Phosphorus was a good conductor of electricity and a good conductor of heat. Bridgeman was the first to notice that black phosphorus is a good electrical conductor because of its physical properties. Bridgeman made the discovery of black phosphorus by mistake, and now it is being studied around the…show more content…
Researchers talk about black phosphori first synthesis in 1914, cost, how it is made, why semiconductors are important, and how they work. There needs to be more done on black phosphorus and black phosphorus as semiconductors. There are still a lot of discoveries to be made; black phosphorus needs to be made stable in atmospheric conditions, cost effective, and have a high yield. When these obstacles have been overcome, black phosphorus should be ready for testing in electronic devices. Research involving black phosphorus has increased in popularity in the past 5 years. Black Phosphorus has a long way to go before devices with it in them will be on the market but in the future there is a good change that there will be phones, computers, tablets and more that have black phosphorus
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