Black Plague And The Black Epidemic

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Black Plague The Black Plague outbreak was one of the scariest events in human history. The people were afraid to do everyday activities and carry on with their normal routines. This plague is known to almost every person on Earth. Even as a kid, teachers tell their students about this plague. Even the thought of an outbreak like the Black Plague makes people’s skin crawl. I am included in that category. It has gotten to the point that when any outbreak of any type or kind of disease happens that the world gets into panic mode. All of this panic comes from the Black Death. In this synthesis and analysis essay I will cover the places the Black Plague reached, the effects of the Black Plague, and the thoughts of the people that lived in…show more content…
The disease spread through eight districts in the Chinese and Mongol dynasties. The deaths were so severe that some areas didn’t even have time to bury all the bodies, so they just stacked them up against the city walls. Next, the plague spread to Europe, it arrived in Europe through trading ships. By the time the ships landed in Messina. Most of the crew members on the ships were either dead or infected. The abandon ships peaked a lot of interest and since the ships were infested with rodents, the locals that looted from the ships helped the disease spread even further. By 1348 the disease spread all the way to Genoa and Venice. Then the disease went from Italy and spread northwest France, Spain, Portugal, and England by June 1348. This is a rapid spread rate since six countries in less than a year. Although the disease was not yet done with Europe, it then spread east through Germany and Scandinavia through 1350. The last stop in Europe was Russia in 1351. The last stop for the Black Plague was the Middle East. The outbreak in the Middle East led to serious depopulation and economic structures just like the other countries. When the disease reached Mecca, the people of Mecca tried to blame it on non-believers. The plague continued to kill people all the way up to the Seventeenth century and there have even been isolated cases as recent as 1980 (Black Death). The Black Plague had many different types of affects that it influenced on the people exposed to it.
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