Black Plague In Europe

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Europe was brought to its knees in the 1350s when the black Plague killed over 25 million people (Frater). I will be covering the history of plague, how the black plague affected Europe, and how plague is affecting the world today.

Plague has always been a threat to us, even from the beginning of time our species feared plagues. The first plague I will share about is the Antonine plague. It occurred around 165 to 180 AD, the plague was brought home by returning troops (Frater). The plague at its peak killed over 2000 people a day in Rome, leading tot the demise of 30% of the population (“Antonine”). It was often thought that royalty cannot be harmed by disease, but this is not the case. The Antonine plague killed two Roman Emperors Lucius
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This plague was more recent than the others. It occurred in 1855 to the 1950s, only in China and India it killed more than 12 million people (Frater). The Third Pandemic was still considered active until 1959 when worldwide fatalities fell to 200 deaths per year (“The History”).
The Black plague or known as Black Death. The Black plague is the worst plague. When Black Death withdrew from Europe, it left behind over 75 million deceased (Bertherat). It arrived to Europe when 12 trading ships entered in a Sicilian harbor with infected sailors; the authorities turned them away immediately but they were too late (“Black Death”).

The Black plague affected Europe in many aspects. The first way that Europe was affected was the physical effects of the plague. The Black Death produced black boils all over the body that weep pus and blood (“Black Death”). The Black Death caused many social impacts and mental symptoms. The public in Europe couldn’t keep up with burying the dead, so they were equally afraid of a spiritual death as a physical one (“History”). Many people lost their faith in God during the Black Death
Even though the plague devastated lives, it boosted the economy greatly for the third class. Due to loss of a workforce, peasants were able to demand more money for their services, therefor creating a middle class
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Plague is spread in mainly three ways, pneumonic, bubonic, and septicaemic. Plague is caused by the zoonotic bacteria , Yersinia Pestis that is found in fleas (“Plague.” World). Bubonic plague is spread by flea bites, it replicates in the lymph nodes and can lead to open sores (“Plague.” Symptoms). Septicaemic plague spreads and replicates in the bloodstream, it is contracted from flea bites and direct contact (“Plague.” Symptoms). Pneumonic plague is lung based, it is spread by coughing droplets that others inhale, untreated it has close to 100% fatality rate (“Plague.” Symptoms).

The world has to prepare for a next plague so many groups are helping to prevent another plague. Informing the locals if it is near will help spread awareness if it lives in the area. If someone got a form of pneumonic plague then they are quarantined for seven days and are put on antibiotics (“Plague.” World). Another way is too reduce rodent population, also keeping fleas off of pets can help prevent a possible outbreak (“Prevention.”).
Country’s around the world are being affected by plague but it is not large scale plagues like in the past. Madagascar is the world country to be affected by plague, it had a 23% fatality rate in 2015 (Bertherat). In 2014 the USA had 3 people who were infected by an infected animal, the 4th person got sick from a pneumonic form making it the first case in the US since 1924 (“Plague.”
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