Black Political Actors, Methods And Approach

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Black Political Actors Methods and Approach Our group followed political races in Baltimore City focusing on the Democratic races for Mayor and some city council districts. We limited our scope to six candidates. Originally, they included former Mayor Sheila Dixon, State Senator Catherine Pugh, attorney Elizabeth Embry, businessman David Warnock, City Councilmember Nicholas Mosby, and City Councilmember Carl Stokes. Based on a Baltimore Sun/University of Baltimore poll, these candidates placed in the top six within a crowded field. On April 13, however, Councilmember Mosby dropped out of the race and pledged his support to Senator Pugh. Therefore, we included the top five remaining candidates. Criminal justice reform and the economy were the issues candidates discussed the most on the campaign trail. Given the events of Freddie Gray’s murder and the city’s high unemployment rate, the emphasis on these issues is understood. Yet, these discussions did not complement our research. Between January 2016 and primary day, only one housing related forum was held. This forum focused on neighborhood revitalization, but did not address renter issues. At another general issues debate, the Right to Housing Alliance asked the mayoral candidates the first rent court question in nearly two decades. Thus, our group did not find it surprising that the candidates offered little policy proposals on reforms for renters. On April 26, the Democratic Party held its primary. Senator Pugh won
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