Black Political Experience

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2. A life experience that changed my mind about black politics/social life is when my friend and I were at the mall shopping and trying on clothes in a store when I overheard the workers calling security, and telling them that two African American girls and one white girl had stolen a bathing suit from the store and ran. Once I heard that I said to my friend Hannah “let’s just go to another store” because I knew that we fit the description they were looking for. We left the store and went to Victoria’s secret and while we were walking over there I noticed that the security guard from the store we left the same time we did and was following us, and I thought why is he following us? Then as we both walked into the store I started looking around in the store and when I would move then he would move too.…show more content…
Afterwards a worker comes up to me and says in a rude tone “may I help you” and “I said no thank you I’m just looking” and so the worker left then I picked up my stuff and walked to another part of the store and then the same worker came back and said “can I help you look for something” and I said “no thank you I’m just looking”. At this point I looked for my friend and we both started looking around the store and the worker started to follow us. Finally we both left the store because our movie was about to start and as we were leaving the security guard followed us out of the store and I thought he was going to follow us to the movie theatre but thank God he didn’t. Finally I called my mom and I told her what happened and she told me to go to the movie and to try calm down and to enjoy
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