Black Red And White Wars And Settler Societies And Indigenous People

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In “Black, Red, and White Wars” and “Settler Societies and Indigenous People,” the treatment of Indians and the Australian Aboriginals by the Anglo settlers and the Australian Government was probably the worst treatment of any people to be known in history. This history that is known by Indians and Aboriginals could affect race relation and government policy in a drastic way in Australia and America today.
Regions in Australia gave many opportunities just like the Westward Expansion in America. The British tried to negotiate with most of the indigenous tribes on a deal for their Ancestral land. However, the Aboriginals would not give up their land because of what it represented to them. “Aboriginals were owned by the land. They could not leave it because it was the source of their life, religion, culture, and their very reason for being.” (Drake, 50) Therefore, led to the more aggressive way of taking land and calling the land Terra Nullius.
The treatment of the Australian Aboriginals after the limited efforts of negotiations by the British were hard to imagine. British negotiated a little bit and if the Aboriginals declined what they had to offer, they would give up and eventually go to war. Before the “war that never happened,” the “Australian officials attempted assimilation through education before restoring to more violent measures.” (Schaller, 566) The British would usually decapitate many of the Aboriginals and their leaders that were captured. The
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