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Black report 1942 The black report is a finding which was is really large differentials in mortality and morbidity which its more liked in the higher social classes and that these were not being adequately addressed by health or social services. Between the rich and poor the black report has a wider divide the health care provision now. In countries where there is small income usually would have the best healthcare and the best health and the countries like the UK are rich and they have health inequalities persist. Children in the lowest socio economic group would be 5 times more likely to die form an accident than those in the top socio economic group. Also a person from a socio-economic an in group five would more likely to suffer a stroke than a person in class 1. Also an infant mortality rate is the highest among the lowest in social group. Also the age of people who are more likely to experience a wide range of illnesses. There is a higher % of inequality in retirement due to loss of income and the higher rates of benefits. The women live longer so have more female related illnesses. With gender it is now known that men would be more likely to have short mortality rates than women and women are more likely to have a higher morbidity rate than men. They also think this because of the linked roles which they are adopting. People who are the age of 65 and under are 3.5 likely to die of coronary heart disease than women. Also women are the ones who experience more
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