Black Ridge Reservoirs Case Study

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It has been notified that the people of Herriman are struggling with the dealings of the many visitors at Black Ridge Reservoir. Because there are so many people coming to the reservoir, there are many types of people, especially the type that causes problems. People in Herriman are treated unreasonably by vacationing people at the reservoir. Visiting people are being immature and are neglecting the residents private lives and property. The large amount of people coming to the reservoir are causing safety, property, and space issues. No one deserves to be regarded as the people of Herriman are.

The reason why this issue matters is because of the problems it causes for the people in this city. For one, the insanely large amount of people causes space issues. Cars are being parked on both sides of the tiny roads, barely big enough to get through without cars on the side of the road. Residents driveways are being parked on by those who do not live there. David Watts stated that “the UFA has indicated that they may not be able to get their firetrucks and ambulances down some of the neighborhood streets in an emergency” (Watts 2015). The amount of people at the reservoir is so enormous that people who are going to the reservoir do not even have enough room to play in
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One evening, when the traffic was bad getting out from the reservoir, a van drove over lawns and through yards to leave (Nay 2015). When David Watts was surveying this issue he said, “One neighbor told me he had someone grilling in his front yard because there's nowhere else for them to go” (Watts 2015). It has also been recorded that people are leaving their wet swimsuits to dry in people's trees (Adams 2015). Not to mention, crime and theft is also taking place. In one night there was 10 citations for criminal trespassing issued from the police (Watts
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