Creative Writing: Black Roses

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There I was sitting in front row seats at my all time favorite band, Black Roses. As I looked up there was a big cloud of smoke and behind the small was the band members, Marvin the leader started to say how glad it was we could all come and see him. A little while after they finally started playing their songs. Everyone was screaming, jumping, and singing. Then I started to get blurry eyed,it was probably because all the blinking lights going off and on. I thought it would go away in no time, but it didn't. I looked around and everyone was a shadowy figure still screaming and jumping but this time more slowly. The crowd out of nowhere started saying, “Maddie, Maddie, Wake up.” In a calm but zombie like tone. Right about then I felt…show more content…
I sighed with exhaustion I was tired but didn't want to fall asleep just because I liked to challenge myself on car rides to not fall asleep no matter how much I wanted to. A few minutes everyone started waking up. As soon as everyone was awake my dad told us he wanted to take a picture of all of us in the car to post on his facebook. My mom agreed and said to wait a little bit until we got off the highway. When we got of the off the highway my dad got out his phone and we all got ready to take a picture. My dad and mom checked around them to make sure no one was behind them or around them, so when we took a picture we wouldn't crash or have an accident. Dad said we were all clear and that we could take our picture. The first picture we took was all blurry so dad said we should take another one. He didn't check the road because we all thought no one was around us because we couldn't hear anyone coming. The second picture came cut my brother out. So we took another one. My dad was about to take the third picture, he put down his phone when he saw it a car turned and crashed into…show more content…
When we landed all i saw was pitch black. I don't know how long it was when i opened my eyes. I looked around me jackson was on the floor unconscious. I looked for my mom and found her she was in a on the seat head down. “Mom, No, I need you please.” I said crying. Hopefully thinking she would wake up, but knowing in my mind she was already dead and wouldn't be alive. I looked for my dad i screamed and cried when i found him. His body was halfway out the window and halfway in the car. He was bleeding bad. I looked around me then I saw it. Me I was on the floor. Dead. “No, I can't be i'm right here.” I screamed. I didn't understand I didn't know what was happening. I'm dead. How is this possible. I'm just a spirit or something. The cops and ambulance came and took our bodies. From that point on i’ve roamed the place looking for my dead parents hoping i'll find them one
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