Black Skin, White Masks By Frantz Fanon

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“Black Skin, White Masks,” by Frantz Fanon is a book that explains the psychology of racism. Fanon studied medicine in France. He specialized in psychiatry. The novel looks at the minds of blacks under white rule, and the effects race has on French society. Throughout the book Fanon discusses his experience with racism in 1950’s France. He discusses many concepts like language barriers, race, dependency complexes, and other controversies between blacks and whites. The book talks of events that were dated in the 1950’s, but these concepts can help us to understand racism in America today.
In the first chapter Fanon discusses the language differences between the island of Martinique and France. This is a very important topic, because fanon associates how the language of his people is considered the wrong language to speak. Martinique is an island in the Caribbean that is ruled by France. Many of the people who were well off in Martinique spoke perfect French. These were people with a college education or people who came from France. The locals of Martinique spoke Creole. Creole is a dialect of the French language that includes the “swallows of his r’s” (Pg.5). I connected the dialect creole with a dialect that is frowned upon in America, which is Ebonics. Ebonics is Black English. Ebonics formed when black slaves tried to teach each other the English language. Fanon wants us to know that Creole was considered improper in and outside his community. The only reason Creole was
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