Black Sox Scandal : A Lasting Impact On Its Culture

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Black Sox Scandal
No sports scandal has similarly shocked America or had such a lasting impact on its culture. The Black Sox players were suspected of throwing the World Series, and underwent trails. On August 2, 1921, the Black Sox were found guilty on all accounts. The final verdict was that all eight players to be permanently banned from organized baseball. The Black Sox players should not be banned from baseball for life. Although the players threw the World Series and had a huge negative impact on the fans and the game, they should not be banned for life because, they were only in it for the money, not all of the players that were banned were involved, and they tried to call off the fix.
The Black Sox Scandal was the fixing of the
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Joe Jackson was famously quoted with replying “It’s so kid, it’s so”. The players had a huge negative impact on the game and the fans, but without the scandal, the league might not have found out how badly the players were being paid. Without the Black Sox Scandal, baseball players wouldn’t have the power of free agency, or make the huge salaries that they make today.
The players were only in it for the money. White Sox owner, Charles Comiskey was downright stingy when it came to paying his players. The owner paid two of his biggest stars, Joe Jackson and Buck Weaver, only $6,000 a year. Most of the players of professional baseball made little pay. The players felt like they were being paid a fraction of what they were worth. The main reason the players threw the series was that they were desperate for money. Arnold Rothstein was the gambler who associated with the players to fix the World Series. Rothstein promised the players $70,000 to $100,000 for throwing the series. Rothstein would get all that money by betting against the heavily favored White Sox and for the Cincinnati Reds. The White Sox threw game one and lost 9-1. New York Times wrote “Never before in the history of America’s biggest baseball spectacle has a pennant winning club recieved such a disastrous drubbing in an opening game”. The players did not receive the money they were promised by Rothstein for throwing game one. The only one to receive money was Cicotte,
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