Black Steminism And Black Feminism During The Civil Rights Movement

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Many Americans have heard of the term Feminism and automatically assume that all feminism is the same and viewed as equal in society. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many American don’t know or never heard of the term black feminism and white feminism which were founded at different times in history. Black feminism is different from white feminism based off of opportunity, origins, ideas, and development. Black feminism and white feminism are very different as the origins and ideas for change for women differed. In the late 19th century white feminism emerged during the women’s suffrage movement. White women were fighting for “women” to have the right to vote and wanted to be treated equal to white men. White feminism also did not try to combat racism or help African American women gain the right to vote. Meanwhile Black women still showed support and tried to help rally for women to receive the right to vote. However during the women’s suffrage movement African American women were often overlooked by white women for their efforts. It wasn’t until the 1960’s when the civil rights movement emerged and black power took center stage that Black feminism came about in full affect. By the 1960’s white women had gained equality and continued to fight for white women rights within American society where as “black women in the South and northeast witnessed the spread of black activism amidst increasing racial violence and joined the struggle for racial equality, where they

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