Black Theology Research Paper

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Black theology refers to theologies derived from North American blacks of South Africa where both sections of theology portray the current situation of oppression and discrimination by looking at the issues both in political and in the justice arena (p. 30). The difference between black theology and African theology is that the northern countries focus more on issues of culture and concentrate on the past than the present. The predicament of being black has carried with it firm and painful repercussions in human relationship whereby this experience is shared in varying degrees across the continent. It follows that any meaningful theology must be derived from such common experience.
The importance of black theology became clearer since the formation of the Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians (EATWOT) in 1976. The modus operandi of EATWOT emphasizes importance of relativity and the need to consider particular human situations. The Third World Christian communities of Latin
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African, North American and Latin American are similar in the sense that they focus more on socio-economic and political issues; but unlike African theology, Latin American theology has a propensity to lean more on Marxism by focusing more on class struggle in their countries. Africans are cognizant of denial of their culture and way of life. Likewise, black Americans are particularly aware of their history of slavery.
At the heart of the formation of black theology is the experience of slavery. During the era of slavery, blacks were treated like commodities that could be bought or sold. They were thereby exposed to exploitation and were therefore vulnerable and dependent on their masters and rarely considered as human beings (p. 194). The constant oppression of blacks developed and strengthened the belief that black were inferior human beings and the blacks themselves begun to believe that
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