Black Tuesday : Black Friday

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Black Friday has multiple reasons for it being named “Black Friday”. It traces back to the 1950’s when it was called “Black Friday” because of the surplus amounts of call-ins for employees trying to score a four-day weekend after Thanksgiving. In Philadelphia during 1961, the Friday after Thanksgiving was called Black Friday because it was the day when stores were coming out of the “red”, which was the downward shopping period between July and August. This was the biggest time retailors saw the numbers, “in the red”. The Friday after Thanksgiving marked when retailors saw the profit go up, “in the black”; therefore, the term Black Friday arose. As Black Friday has progressed along with retailors marketing their products and their sales, it has become a national day of shopping to get the best deals. Americans mainly go shopping on this day to get huge deals for Christmas presents. Stores have even taken this great opportunity to open their establishments for 24 hours. Just last year, consumers spent a whopping $57,400,000,000 with each consumer individually spending $410 on average. The #1 retailor customers purchased from and camped out at was Best Buy. All of the statistics are based on 2013 and this year was projected to be an 11% increase.
The main reason why so many people go Black Friday shopping is because of the amazing deals and how much money you can save. In order to be a smart shopper, finding the best deals is key. There are many ways to locate
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