Black Vs. White American Life Experience

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Black vs. White American Life Experience As Argument
Caree Schmidt

In John Hope Franklin 's "The Train From Hate," Franklin claims that no matter what an oppressor inflicts upon the oppressed, the oppressed 's worth is in no way diminished, and indeed the abuse is reflected poorly back upon the oppressor. “But it is not too much to say that her observations provided a sound basis for my attitudes and conduct from that day to this. At that early age, I had made an important journey. In the future, I remembered that I should not waste my time or energy lamenting the inability of some members of society to take me as I was. Instead, I would use my energies to make me a better person and to distance myself from the perpetrators and purveyors of hate and misunderstanding.” (Franklin,1) Franklin noticed this when he mentioned telling his mother that the conductor came off as mean and callous.

My main quibble with Franklin’s mother 's reassurance that institutional segregation does not inherently lead to a white person having a superiority complex. It absolutely does. I state that having studied it and being a white person, thereby granted white privilege for nothing other than having been born with a certain skin color. The fact that segregation was mandated by the government reinforced that cognitive dissonance present in white people in that era (and still to this day, to an extent) that led to the belief that white skin is superior to black, up to the point that black
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