Black, White, And Jewish

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Rebecca Walker throughout the book “Black, White, and Jewish” portrays multiple identities that help her to understand herself and let others understand her as well. Rebecca Walker defines herself as a "Movement Child," someone who is a child born during and as an outcome of the Civil Rights movement. Walker states, "I am not a ***, the product of a rape, the child of some white devil. I am a Movement Child," (24). Though she labels herself with this nickname, it captures more than just the conditions neighboring her birth because during the beginning of Rebecca Walker 's life, she was always in motion, figuratively and literally. After the divorce of Walkers parents, Walker swapped homes, living with each parent for two years at a time in numerous cities and states from Mississippi, to Brooklyn, to San Francisco, to even Washington, D.C. While she was literally in movement from city to city and state to state, Walker was also in movement figuratively with her identities and personality. Depending on where she was living, Rebecca Walker was either white, black, or Jewish. Walker 's identity catastrophe was a consequence of her parents’ divorce and also a consequence of her being a biracial baby in the ‘70s. Her identity crisis was also a result of her having felt like she was an outcast no matter her whereabouts. Although her mother 's family always greeted her with open arms and was cordial with her, some of her cousins never overlooked that she was a biracial kid. They
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