Black, White, Yellow And Brown

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We are now in an age of colors with brown and yellow, not only the ancient divisions of black and white. Even though there are diverse people in the United States, it is totally absurd that if some people think America is a color-blind society. I used to think that colorblindness of black, white, yellow and brown was the only way to cut across the lines of racial equality issues. At that time, I was one of the supporters of color blind who think that “color blind” approach to the problems of racial inequality: The legal and political systems should simply ignore skin color and treat everyone the same” (172). Similarly, I believed that “Blind” refers treating individuals as equally as possible because people are blind to individual’s race, culture, and ethnicity. In this sense, colorblind society is another name of a society where everything is perfect and every individual is always happy, Utopia.
On the other hand, I recently found out that color blindness might create or allow to persist entrenched discrimination while studying. In this respect, people put aside their differences. They are not only afraid of each other’s differences, but also do not want to recognize the difference. As the textbook stated, there are many differences between majorities and minorities. For example, white Americans are in a position of privilege. In other words, they have perceived the power of the privileged and the well off, unlike other racial minorities who are generally ignored by other
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