Black Women’s Identity in American Media and Culture

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Black Women’s Identity in Media and Our Culture When talking about black women’s image in media, what do you think about? Yes there may be many images but are they very many good images of black women. Are these bad images true images? These are all thing that run through my mind when I think of black women images. Sometimes I have to say that yes those bad images are true. I want to explore the different images of black women in Media. Do black women alter their images to look more European? Is there a since of self-hatred among us? How are we viewed in our own communities? Black women and their hair are so diverse. Do black women who straighten their hair hate themselves? This is a common belief among many people. Many think…show more content…
Mammies were usually non threating trust worthy. Mammies were usually desexualized. That is the old mammy type. Popeye’s uses a reformed mammy as their spokeswoman. Their spokeswoman is a larger black woman who is kind, safe, and inviting you can trust her with your food. While doing some research a very interesting topic popped up. Some people relate the success of Oprah Winfrey as a modern day Mammy. One of the most significant viewers was middle-class white women. To these white women Oprah was seen as trust worthy. They could trust Oprah with everything from reading materials to the ways they try to lose weight. She made them feel safe and secure. Oprah wasn’t and isn’t a sexual being really. When you think of Oprah you don’t think of sex, she is somewhat asexual like a mammy. Oprah never took public stands on African American problems. When Oprah endorsed Obama her ratings dipped and sales of O magazine dipped.
The Jezebel stereotype is a woman who wants sex all the time. She uses sex to get what she wants. What she wants varies from money to destroying someone. The modern day of Jezebels is hip hop videos. Women are scantily dressed. Also in Halle Berry’s performance in “Monsters Ball.” In music video women dance around naked for men as if all they want is sex. The stereotype has made it seem as we all don’t care about marriage or having children out of wedlock. It causes other
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