Black Women And Domestic Violence Essay

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Black women experience a lot of things in life differently from others, because of their intersectionality of being not only a woman, but also black. They are a double minority and they feel this double minority through many different aspects within their lives. The aspect that black women deal with differently, is domestic violence. Black women experience and deal with domestic violence differently than white women, and anyone who else experience domestic violence. Through this paper I would like to explain this difference that black women face when tackling domestic violence due to the “family secret”, but also how it effects children within the black community, how it can affect the entire community, and lastly why black women should let go of the “family secret” to not only better themselves, but to better the black community. They experience a different struggle than other victims call the “family secret”. The “family secret” is in general, keeping the secret of domestic violence within the family because it is a family issue. The “family secret has destroyed families and caused many deaths within the population of black women. Other than these problems of holding this so called “family secret”, I want to speak on the effects this has on the black community, such as, how black women who do not speak on their issues of domestic violence continue a cycle of violence within young black girls. Black women need to speak on their issues of domestic violence, instead of
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