Black Women And The Black Men

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Black women have a long feminist tradition dating back to 19th-century activists such as Maria W. Stewart and Sojourner Truth, but their struggles are a tale of two fights. To be a black woman seeking liberation, one had to fight racial inequality and sexual inequality at the same time. Black women who were involved in the Black Liberation Movement were discriminated against sexually by black men who were oppressed by whites and felt they had to adopt patriarchal roles. Black women in the Women 's Movement faced racial inequality when white women discriminated against them. Also within the Movement, little attention was devoted to class issues that seriously affected black women. Not all the black men nor all the white women with both movements were sexist and racist but enough of those with the highest influences were able to make the lives of the black women in these groups almost intolerable. Black women faced constant sexism within the Black Liberation Movement. The movement, though allegedly for the liberation of the entire black race, was in reality only for the liberation of the black male. Freedom was associated with manhood and the freedom of blacks with the recovery of black masculinity. It was stated that the real tragedy of racism was the loss of manhood. Assumptions that racism was more harmful to black men than it is to black women were detrimental to their fight for equality. Black women also had to face the added hindrance that some black men in the
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