Black Women Entrepreneurs

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Georgia State University
Department of African American Studies
Informed Consent

Student Investigator: Miriam K. Young
Principal Investigator: Dr. Sarita Davis

I. Purpose:
The purpose of this study is to explore and integrate existing research on the lived experience of Black women entrepreneurs. You are invited to participate in a research study because you are a Black woman who is over the age of 18, has started and sustained your own business for three or more years, and has experienced economic mobility. This study aims to explore the utilization of social capital and how it is beneficial in making certain achievements attainable within Black communities. A combination of self-administered
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Young via contact to schedule your interview session. You will not have to provide your full name or any type of identification that will link you the data collected. You will not be personally identified in the work by the researcher and assigned a participant number. There will be a total of eight participants. Participation in this study will have a time commitment of two hours over a course of approximately three weeks. The two hour commitment over approximately three weeks will include initial participation interest, completion of informed consent, demographic survey, semi-structured interview, and a review of the data transcribed. The interview will be scheduled on a day of your choosing and will take no more than ninety minutes, which will include the review and signing of informed consent, followed by the completion of a demographic survey, and the interview. Demographic surveys will take five to fifteen minutes and all interviews will last approximately 1 hour. Interviews may be conducted in person at a public place, where one can speak openly and freely. Interviews will be audio-recorded. Followed by the individual interview’s transcription that will be provided to the participant within forty-eight hours of the interview via email, the participants will be asked to review the information gathered, in order to make sure their experiences and stories are being accurately depicted and…show more content…
However, we hope to gain information about the Black woman experience in increasing their net-worth. This information can add to the literature that investigate the wealth gap. This adds to the body of knowledge by not merely looking at empirical data of the wealth gap and the numerical trends of the individual experiences of building net worth held by Black Women. Yet this qualitative method gives Black women wealth builders the chance to share their experience of entrepreneurship and empower others to consider further into their economic statues and ambitions as it pertains to economic freedom and generational wealth. This study also sparks conversation about the institutional factors of sexism, racism, and classism that continual to perpetuate the wealth
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