Black Women In Theological Education Essay

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Black Women who are Kicking Ass in the Field of Theological Education
Black women often find it difficult to break the barriers in their chosen careers. However, some have made history this year alone particularly in the theological education sector. These women are already making waves in an industry where male authorities pretty much dominate the field.
We are often used to seeing black men who preach and become authorities in pastoral care. However, black women are not far behind. In fact, some have even achieved more.
In the past, some black women have become deans, president, chairwomen, and professors in their own fields. Here are some of the recent movers and shakers.
Dr. Yolanda Pierce, Dean of the School of Divinity at Howard University
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program in Theology and black religion as well as inject black feminist studies and theology for women. One of Dr. Day’s goals is to train future scholars, especially women of color.
Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas, Dean of Episcopal Divinity School at Union Theological Seminary
According to Dr. Douglas, she was given an opportunity to change the community and try to make a difference. She believes that she is at a stage in her life where she gives her service to the world as a way to pay her dues.
Dr. Stephanie Crumpton, Assistant Professor at McCormick Theological Seminary.
Dr. Crumpton acts as the assistant professor of Practical Theology of the school. She is the first black person the students had as their teacher. At the moment, she is committed to helping students support social justice.
Dr. Margaret Aymer, Professor at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
She is currently the professor of New Testament at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. She was promoted to this position which is noted as the highest rank a faculty person can hold at the school. She is the first woman of color to ever attain a Professor rank at a

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