Black Women 's Health And Family Support

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(v). Social issues Black Women’s Health & Family Support is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee established in 1982 by a group of Somali women. There primary area of concern is promoting the eradication of Female Genital Mutilation. Black women’s health & female support currently have their office in Bethnal green but works together with other charity organisations in order to education people from practise communities to stop the practise of FGM. BWHAFS has engaged with over 1,000 carers and continue to signpost new carers each month to welfare advisor, health activities and also monthly carers support meetings for give advice on better managing of their own and family condition while accessing further appropriate…show more content…
This experience start by word processing & and carrying research on the internet. Knowing how to use computer has been of benefit to me in my job role because it enable me to enter my report for the day on the system and also it helped me to help in looking and applying for funds for the organisation. Applying this experience from my previous experiences to my job role at Black Women’s health & family support made it easy for me to work on my own because it was relevant to my job role. During my work placement, I was allowed to be involved in the ESOL class, the aim of the ESOL class at (BWHAFS) it aim was to strengthen the English language skills of Somali women service user and its tailored around speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. I was able to use different ways to teach the women, I used sign language which was a transferable skill; the reason for using sign language was because some of the women just started learning how to recite the alphabet and numbering. Having done this, I have meant standard S3, S12, S18 of CDNOS (CDNOS, 2015). At the end of the 2hours lesson the women confident and much happier in themselves. Communication is very important in our day to day life, so if this women are able to communicate better they will be able to get a job, this then mean they will have the chance to contribute to the main stream society. The women having a
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