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Introduction: Black & Decker Corporation (B&D) is one of the top power tool producing companies in the world. The company targets three main segments: Consumers, Professional-Tradesman, and Professional-Industrial. By late 1990 B&D’s market share in the Tradesman segment fell dramatically causing its main competitor, Makita, to obtain 80% of the market share in cordless drills and 50% segment share overall. Although B&D has a respectable market share holding in its other two market segments, the dramatic decline for Tradesman hurt its overall brand image. B&D is now faced with repositioning its brand to reach the Professional-Tradesman segment more effectively. If the company is successful in doing so, it will allow it to obtain an…show more content…
-Brand name is well known in U.S. and Europe with 98% brand awareness level. -Offers various high-quality products and excellent service. Weaknesses: -Holds only 9% market share in the Professional-Tradesmen segment. -In 1985, B&D experienced a $158.4 million loss and continually lost money from 1981 through 1985. -Gary DiCamillo, the president of B&D, went to Home Depot and experienced negative feedback on the B&D brand. One Home Depot employee, after being asked what brand of Skil Saw he preferred stated, “They’re all pretty good really—you just have to stay away from that Black & Decker.” -Success within the consumer segment negatively affects the Professional-Tradesmen segment because some Tradesmen view B&D products solely for home use rather than industrial use. -B&D scored low on the brand perception scale of Professional Tradesmen segment buyers. -Color of product is unpleasing. -Scored low against leading brands in the following categories: “High-Quality Tools,” “Makes Durable/Rugged Tools,” and “Proud to Own.” Opportunities: -As listed above, the following three strategies all offer opportunities that could be beneficial for Tradesmen market success: (1) Harvest Professional-Tradesman Channels, (2) Get behind B&D Name with Sub-Branding, (3) Drop the Black & Decker Name from the Profession-Tradesmen Segment -Product color change could increase consumer appeal toward

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