Black in Latin America

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Black in Latin America: Haiti and the dominican Republic

1) How did Haiti and the Dominican Republic begin? What European countries influenced the development of these nations?
- Haiti and the Dominican Republic is an island with two countries of Hispaniola. Haiti makes up 1/3 of the island while the Dominican Republic makes up the rest of the 2/3 of the island. The Dominican Republic contains a mix blood of Afro-European population with the history of Spanish colonialism, while Haiti has African-caribbean population with the background of french colonialism. 2) What role did colonization have in the development of the concept of race in the Dominican Republic? What are the differences between the concept of race in Haiti and the
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My worldview did change watching this video. On an island that is so diverse with many different races and cultures and the fact that the island has to be divided due to their differences makes me blame the past. Because of the people from the past that created racial issues on their own and did not know how to deal and understand each other, makes how those countries are today with each other which is distraught and disorganized. These nations are trapped by historical
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