Black on Black Racism

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Black on Black racism : The Dominican republic ethnic cleansing What is the difference between an Haitian and a Dominican? People usually respond to race-related discussion in various emotional ways that range from deep culpability and embarrassment to extreme pride and hatred toward another group. Recently several stories reported in national or international news seem to add more focus to the ongoing debate about racial discrimination between black and white. But my concern is how to deal with racial discrimination when it comes from people of the same race. Currently in the Dominican Republic there is a flagrant case of human right violation regarding to Haitian immigrants and Dominican of Haitian decent. Being dark skinned in…show more content…
On the other hand, Haiti is mostly influenced by the fusion of French and African culture. 80% of Dominicans descends from multiracial mix of Spanish, indigenous and African ancestry. In opposite 80% of Haitian population is from African origin what means black with dark skin. Moreover during the last decades Dominican Republic knew an exponential growth thanks to the development of their tourism industry and increase in foreign investment. In the meantime, Haiti that was a favorite touristic destination in the sixties and seventies had moved backward and registered poor performance in almost all the development index. Hatred against Haitian, started with the Dominican independence and was strongly institutionalized during the regime of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo despite his grandmother was Haitian. In October 1937, he ordered the military massacre of about 20.000 to 30.000 Haitians under the pretext of ethnic cleaning. Many other Dominican intellectuals and politicians such as Joaquín Balaguer and the actual Dominican President Danillo Medina continue with this ideology. In my opinion the problem is more a question of bias that it is linked to how these two nations see each other. There is an anecdote of a light skinned rich Haitian who went to Dominican Republic and met a Dominican professor. After hours of conversation the Dominican professor told the Haitian, “before meeting you, I thought all Haitians were black, illiterate, bloodthirsty and

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