Black swan: Madness of swan queen:

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Thomas Leroy: What did you do? What did you do?

Nina Sayers: [weakly] I felt it.

Thomas Leroy: What?

Nina Sayers: Perfect. I was perfect.

The movie “black swan” ends up with the conversation between the Nina and Leroy. The story is a depiction of a professional and perfectionist New York ballet dancer Nina going astray and ultimately her madness leads her to self destruction. Her pursuit of the leading role in a classic theatre production “Swan Lake” paves her way to the later breakdown. When it seems like her hard work finally pays off, the dichotomy nature of the role becomes too consuming and challenging, and the transient sparks finally engulf her and lead her to death. The complex human nature and mix of psychological disorder intertwine to complete this master piece, looking at Nina from a psychological perspective; she is an intriguing character and many of her behaviors are manifestation of mental disorders. Therefore the focus of this essay is not on the cinematography, but rather a detailed analysis of Nina and how mental disorder symptoms are portrayed in the movie.


First line of the movie: “I had the craziest dream last night. I was dancing the White Swan, It was different choreography though, and it was more like the Bolshoi's. It was the prologue, when Rothbart casts his spell.” The conversation gives out the hint on how Nina would progress throughout the movie. The story setting is in the competitive ballet world in New Your, our main…
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