Blackbeard: The World's Most Notorious Pirate Essay

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Little is known about the infamous Blackbeard's early life; in fact, the first documentations of him are not recorded until the early 1700s, long after his childhood. Yet with so little knowledge of him, he is arguably regarded as the most notorious pirate in history due to his fearsome personality, distinguished look, daring acts of piracy, and stalwart death. Long before he became the legendary, "Blackbeard," Edward Teach was from the town of Bristol in England. He served as a privateer (a pirate under the orders of a Monarch) in Queen Anne's war, which went from 1701-1714. When the war ended, Teach, like many other privateers, decided to continue his life as a pirate and pursued dangerous endeavors. In the year of 1717, Teach…show more content…
In between his adventurous sea expeditions, Blackbeard often stayed in the vicinity of North Carolina. This was common for pirates, as there were many inlets in the Outer Banks that allowed pirates to hide while repairing ships, as well as loot ships passing by. This was so common for Blackbeard that to this day there is an inlet known as, Teach's Hole. On top of this, the governor of North Carolina, Charles Eden, was a corrupt politician who allowed pirates to stay in his state as long as they gave him part of their bounty. It is thought that Blackbeard had very close connections with Eden, which is why he so often went to North Carolina. Unfortunately for Blackbeard and his pirates, they were not the only people who had knowledge of Eden's treachery. A governor from Virginia by the name of Alexander Spotswood knew of the piracy that plagued North Carolina and suspected the governor was corrupt. Much to the dismay of the people who lived in North Carolina, their governor would not take care of the piracy. Instead Spotswood took it upon himself to rid the seas in the area of such illegal activities. He organized a British naval crew and vessel to search for Blackbeard in the Outer Banks. They were led by Lieutenant Robert Maynard who found Blackbeard in Ocracoke Inlet. A battle commenced as Blackbeard shot upon the approaching ship. He had the advantage due to his large
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