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Bryan Blejski ENG 101-F11 October 6, 2011 “Blackberries in June” In Ron Rash’s “Blackberries in June,” it was easy to be immediately drawn into the story. People can relate to the life of Matt and Jamie. Their life of being married after high school and having a house of their own is a plan many people work to strive towards when in love after high school. Their life seems almost perfect or typical throughout the story. A wonderful and happy marriage with the wholesome relations with the other family members, and some tenseness between an in-law shows how Matt and Jamie’s lives are what seems to be, normal. When Charlton (Jamie’s brother) has an accident and loses his leg, Matt is determined to still follow their dreams and plans…show more content…
After the accident, Jamie’s mother tells her, “You know you got to help them,” referring to Charlton’s family (Rash 246). Her mother expects Jamie and Matt to give up all their dreams and plans, including their house, to help them. But the reason Linda, Charlton, and their family have no money is because they waste it on booze, unnecessary make up, and an abundance of vehicles that are not needed. Jamie feels there is no reason to give up what she and Matt have when there is plenty of other ways for Charlton to receive help. Jamie’s mother believes, “That lake house, you had no right to expect such a place so young… It was a miracle you got it in the first place. You cannot expect miracles in this life, girl.” Jamie will not sell her miracle and says “Maybe not, Momma, But when they come a person has got the right to take them” (Rash 247). Matt strongly does not put up with Jamie’s family’s thoughts of selling the lake house. He becomes irritated with Linda and tells her “Me and Jamie do not owe you anything.” Linda’s reply of “you owe us everything, if Charlton had not taken you on you would never have been able to make a down payment on that lake house”. This only strengthens Matt’s decision to follow his dreams with Jamie. It is astounding that Matt and Jamie are looked down upon because their life together is
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