Blackberry : An Tool For Growing Businesses

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Blackberry, a former smartphone juggernaut, is a company that prides itself in being the most secure and productive mobile services and software firm on the market. It will be critiqued and analyzed in this paper. Following the critique, a recommendation will be made at the end.


Upon conducting a pestle analysis of the company, we begin to see the numerous problems that the company needs to overcome.

Technological forces apply to all companies in the technology industry. In the case of Blackberry with the advancing pace of technology they need to ensure that they are able to keep up. The trending use of social media, as stated by an article, is an important tool for growing businesses (Cisnero, 2014). Twitter is a prime example of this as most businesses now use it to provide news, support, and to reach out to their users for feedback. As a result, Blackberry should emphasize on the integration the use of social media in to their company. Blackberry will also need to ensure that their company can keep up with the technological threats. As stated by this article, even smartphone with decent security like the iPhone are now under attack from computer viruses, requiring the company to push out an update and to clean up their app store in order to block such an attack (Venture Capital Post, 2015). Blackberry must be prepared to handle viruses on mobile devices by staying ahead in security, plugging any holes that may occur, and being prepared to…
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