Blackberry Brand Audit

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Page |1 BRAND AUDIT SUBMITTED BY: ADITI NAGPAL 100113 Page |2  Introduction……….  History………  Brand Inventory………  Brand Exploratory………  Gap Analysis………  Recommendations………  Conclusion………  Bibliography………  Page |3 INTRODUCTION... Shakespeare said – „What‟s in a name?‟ Everything..!! BlackBerry – an exotic looking fruit with wine like taste. How did that fruit become associated with terms like business, emails, internet on go? How did BlackBerry – which has become a sort of cult, have its fruity name from? One would think that probably the CEO, Mike Lazaridis or somebody influential from RIM was partial to the seedy fruit. Which “surprise” “surprise” isn‟t True. It‟s got a more logical origin to it. In 2001, RIM…show more content…
2008-09, RIM‟s market share kept on escalating with it acquiring a good deal of market while also expanding its product portfolio to cater to the need of people at the same time. Page |7 BRAND INVENTORY... BlackBerry is not just a phone, it is the power to do more and be more. The brand is the best available platform for mobilizing the business providing not just wireless email but business solutions to integrate mobile workers and important communications, information, business applications and back-end systems. In today‟s past faced life BlackBerry is the perfect tool to keep people connected to friends, family work as well as pursue their interests, all at the same time. BlackBerry products and services have been a significant contributor to the productivity enhancements ultimately reflected by the increase in profitability. PRODUCT RELATED ATTRIBUTES Functional Benefits                   Thumbwheel Trackpad 3G enabled Push mail QWERTY Key Pad Virtual real-time communication BlackBerry Messenger Application World GPRS Secured encrypted mail Mobile Voice System Browser BlackBerry OS7 Social Networking Tethered Modem Camera and Video Recording Music on BlackBerry BlackBerry MediaSync
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