Blackberry Limited And Its Effect On Business Essay

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1. Background 1.1 Blackberry Introduction Blackberry Limited was framed in 1995 yet was then known as Research in Motion (RIM). A worldwide leader in mobile communications, BlackBerry reformed the versatile business when it was presented in 1999. Today, BlackBerry intends to move the accomplishment of our huge number of clients around the globe by consistently pushing the limits of mobile experiences. Founded in 1985 and situated in Waterloo, Ontario, BlackBerry workplaces are in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Its texting programming BBM, was propelled in 2005. In the industry of telecommunications, Blackberry has so many competitors; like Apple, and Samsung. Likely they were unable to resist the competition, trends as compared to others. Blackberry operates in mobile industry with different competitors such as Apple, Samsung, and Google which holds high scale of competition which blackberry isn’t able to cope up with. (1) 1.2 Strategic decision The strategic decision which is taken by the blackberry is that they are now trying to shut their phone business after 14 years of making handsets. So therefore the Canadian company has now changed their mind set and trying to focus on making software instead of hardware, so as they are switching from hardware to a software company they decided to outsource the manufacture of hardware to other companies. John Chen, the company’s executive chairman and chief executive stated: “we
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