Blackberry Right Strategy

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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PAGE 1 RESEARCH IN MOTION REBRANDS ITSELF AS BLACKBERRY PAGE 1 STRATEGIC POSITIONING OF BLACKBERRY PAGE 2 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PAGE 3 THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT (PORTER) PAGE 4 THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT (GENERAL INDIRECT ENVIRONMENT) (PESTEL) PAGE 5 SWOT ANALYSIS PAGE 5 RECCOMENDATIONS PAGE 6 CONCLUSION PAGE 7 REFERENCE PAGE PAGE 8 INTRODUCTION The implementation of correct strategy in an organization is of vital importance. The reason for this is that strategy helps an organization to reach goals and it helps an organization to prosper. The correct Strategy and implementation also helps an organization to have a…show more content…
At Present Blackberry is not doing so therefore their strategic position is unstable and they face the problem of falling behind their current rivals and new rivals. A case in point is Blackberry. Not so long ago, it was arguably the standard corporate accessory. If you were working for a blue chip multinational, chances are that a Blackberry phone was your standard issue kit. Now it’s very different. Apple’s iPhone has successfully made the transition from niche to mainstream use, while Samsung and other android mobile providers have developed feature-rich devices for non-Apple users. Blackberry got squeezed from both sides, and is now struggling to define its relevance. It recently launched its new product, the Z10, which at first glance could be mistaken for the iPhone. While it’s not easy for a brand to create a strong and differentiated competitive position in a crowded marketplace, that’s a more sustainable strategic alternative than either a) copying your competition or b) ignoring your competition in the hope that it will go away. As competitive positioning strategies go, this “head in the sand” approach is not only wishful thinking, but does nothing to build a brand’s credibility. Effective competitive positioning demands that you
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