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Blackboard Assignment #1
Answer the following questions both honestly and thoroughly. Your grade will be based on how much thought you seem to put into your answers. This is often displayed in the depth and length of your answers.

Your answers to these questions will be kept confidential and will not be shared with your classmates (the other group members) unless you choose to share them.

1. On a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being very quiet and 10 being very talkative, how would you rate yourself on how talkative you have been during the group sessions? What has influenced this rating you gave yourself? In other words, why have you been as quiet or as talkative in the group sessions? 3+ sentences 15 pts
I 'm not sure, maybe a 5. In some of our class sessions I have been very willing to talk if the conversation is interesting or engaging or I would like to add another perspective but in others I really would prefer not to talk and only talk if it 's nesecarry to participate in an activity. I think it 's because, on one hand I love this field and love engaging with my peers about it, and hopefully benifiting others in the group by trying to be open with myself and with others. On the other hand, on the days that I have this class I also have 2 to 3 others, and that 's very emotionally exhausting sometimes. So sometimes I 'm very low on energy when it comes to engaging with other people, and would prefer to just sit and listen and not have to participate.
2. What have you…
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