Blackfish : Are They Really Killer Whales?

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Blackfish: Are They Really Killer Whales?
Tia M. Palmer
Brown Mackie College

In the documentary, Blackfish, the director, Gabriela Cowperthwaite demonstrates through three times of appeals, ethos (emotional), logos (logical), and pathos (emotional) about the unethical practices and treatment of killer whales while in captivity at SeaWorld. She informs the viewing audience through interviews with experienced SeaWorld trainers, marine experts, seasoned whale hunters, and eye witnesses of the unethical treatment and environment of these majestic, highly intelligent mammals. These facts are presented in well placed order allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions about what goes on behind the scenes at SeaWorld from the capture of Orcas in the wild, to the covering up of evidence of accidents and deaths and placing blame on the experienced trainer themselves, or by inhumane treatment of the animals themselves. Through advertising footage, graphs, and interviews she emphasizes that SeaWorld is focused on the well-being of the staff or animals but merely the reputation of the park along with ticket and merchandising sales.
Keywords: ethos, logos, pathos, SeaWorld, Orcas, killer whales, blackfish
Blackfish: Are They Really Killer Whales? Over many years, it has been questioned about the ethical practice of capturing and containing wild animals and their subsequent life in captivity. In the documentary Blackfish, Gabriela Cowperthwaite investigates…
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