Blackmores Company Analyses

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7001MKT Corporate Communications Semester 1 2014 Assessment 1: Company Analysis Blackmores Company Analysis Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 1.1 Introduction to Blackmores 4 1.2 Industry & Activities 4 1.3 Blackmores Organisational Structure 5 1.4 Media Presence 5 1.5 Stakeholder theory 6 1.6 Blackmores Stakeholders 7 1.7 Corporate Identity Theory 8 1.8 Blackmores Corporate Identity 8 1.9 Corporate Identity Interpretation 11 1.10 Conclusion 12 References 12 Executive Summary Founded in the 1930’s, Blackmores has grown to become Australia’s leading brand…show more content…
They accomplish this by sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the world, combined with innovative research and development to deliver products that have become industry standards in the health supplements sector (Blackmores, 2014). Blackmores manufacture, wholesale, distribute, market and retail their products creating a stable and reliable environment for the company to operate (Blackmores, 2014). While Blackmores does retail some of their products the majority is distributed to naturopaths, pharmacies, health food stores, supermarkets and mass merchants (Blackmores, 2014). Blackmores is also committed to a strong business performance, with a strategic direction concentrated on delivering growth and continuous improvement to increase and maintain their leading market position and to achieve continued success for the company and its stakeholders. (Blackmores, 2014). They believe in growth by acquisition and diversification of products and market channels (Annual Report, 2013). By diversifying, Blackmores ensure their company does not become reliant on a single product or line which can affect the stability and sustainability of their business. Each year Blackmores invest over $2 million in research and development projects (Annual Report, 2013). 1.3 Organisational Structure of Blackmores Blackmores is currently a publicly traded company with 16.97 Million shares valued
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