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There are many differences and similarities between the way that the federal government has treated Indians and blacks. Some could say that Blacks and Indians have dealt with two very similar pasts. It seems that Indians have dealt westward expansion and blacks have dealt more with blatant racism. But no matter how you look at both of races were being harassed by white English men everyday of their lives. Being persecuted for no reason at all. The military played a big part in both of the blacks and Indians fate, for good or for worse America had always used force to conquer what they did not understand.
During the later part of the 19th century
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But in 1924 congress passed the Snyder Act, which granted Indians to become officially citizenships.
In the 19th century after the civil war the black population had nowhere to live and nowhere to work. Even though slavery was over they had nothing to their name so it was like they didn’t even have identities. The first act to get blacks the right to vote was in 1863 by president Abraham Lincoln. But before he could act upon his idea he was killed. When the 14th amendment was ratified it meant that there was citizenship for all blacks and voting rights for all blacks which the only state not to reject it was Tennessee. By 1968 all but three states ratified the 14th amendment, which was a part of the Military Reconstruction Act in 1867. After the end of reconstruction there was the 15th amendment. Which made no limits based on race, color or previous condition of servicetude. So in other words every black had the right to vote no matter what in any state. But all southern states made it difficult for blacks to vote, which included a poll tax, literary test and having 8 different boxes at the polls to confuse the blacks. The government tried to help the blacks be able to vote but it never really helped them because the hatred for blacks was too strong in the south.
Blacks and Indians have lived the same live as one another

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