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Professor Ton
October XX, 2012

Opiates and Crime My knowledge about opiates is a addictive drug that you snort, eat, smoke, or inject inside your body which will lead into a lot more serious offense that will lead into major crimes or maybe death. I know that the drug is a natural plant that holds purity in the flower bulbs of the plant that would make the heroin into a powder form or made into bricks of heroin made and growing worldwide and finds a way to get in the United States. The heroin drug is very addictive to get high off of and less expensive to the public and surrounding community, which the crime rate increases in the minor cities to the major cities.
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The british society made a brilliant plan how to make all the heroin addicts a lot happier in life which the chief constable give the go ahead to execute this plan which mainly he’s other subordinate didn’t like this idea at time cause it was going too cost money and later the idea was drop because the heroin was causing the people too overdose and continue to resort to crime in the country. Heroin is a epidemic drug that makes it way around the world and the root to commit the addicts too live in a lifestyle of a common criminal which causing them to rise the crime rate higher than the regular people in the society to make a better living, which is why that police officer are making the minor to the major cities a drug free environment to the younger people out in the
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