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Perry - Perry is the most complex character in the entire book and we learn more about him than any other character. His childhood is explained very carefully throughout the novel and from what is described, his life as a kid was very frustrating and tough which could be the reason for his mediocre mental instability. Growing up with an alcoholic mother who died when he was thirteen years old, his life was beyond normal. After the death of his mother, he was then sent to a Catholic orphanage where the people in charge there supposedly criticized and mistreated him for his severe bed wetting problem. He was in back and forth contact with his father who basically disowned him and avoided by his sister who feared him. When he was still a…show more content…
At the end of the book, we find out that Dick was in a car crash that impaired his brain, and is therefore, why he acts almost bipolar. Al Dewey - An investigator for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI). He becomes very involved with the Clutter case over the course of four years both physically and emotionally. He is the only KBI agent that we see how drained and emotionally invested both he and his family become outside of the professional investigation. Herb Clutter - The owner of the River Valley Farm and loving husband to Bonnier Clutter and father to Kenyon and Nancy Clutter. Herb is a benevolent farmer who would do anything for his friends and family. Herb has few enemies because of his good nature. Bonnie Clutter - The wife of Herb Clutter and mother of Kenyon and Nancy Clutter. Bonnie, similar to Herb, is altruistic and congenial. Bonnie suffers from anxiety and depression and spends a great deal of her time sleeping. Despite Bonnie’s mental health, she puts effort into taking care of her children and loves her family, who are understanding of her condition, very much. Nancy Clutter - The daughter of Herb and Bonnie Clutter and sister to Kenyon Clutter. Nancy is the epitome of a good influence because she is hard working, organized and kind hearted. Similar to her dad, she is thoroughly involved in the Holcomb community. Nancy is considered a terrific influence to young girls because of her altruism.

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