Blaiming the Paparazzi

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In 1997, Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris, which was blamed on the paparazzi that were chasing her. Because the accident happened in France, no British charges can be laid against the photographers. However, nine were charged with manslaughter in France, but the charges were thrown out in 2002. Three photographers Jacques Langevin, Christian Martinez and Fabrice Chassery were convicted of invasion of privacy for taking pictures of Princess Diana and were each fined one euro in 2006. Of course it is obvious that the public is intensely curious to know more about celebrities, but don’t you think celebrities have the right to be private?
First of all, let us define who the paparazzi are and what they do for a living. A paparazzo is a photographer who takes pictures of athletes, actors, celebrities, politicians etc… on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, paparazzi’s tend to chase celebrities wherever they go. Whether it was to the Academy Awards, shopping at a mall, or even going to the gym. Nowadays the paparazzi are going way beyond the limits and are becoming more likely bizarre. They are competing against each other and are trying to have the best exposed pictures of celebrities they could get at any cost. They don’t care if they hurt or stress celebrities. They simply want to be the best.
California’s first civil anti-paparazzi law was signed on January 1st, 1999. This law protects celebrities from physical invasions and trespassing. This law wasn’t enough, so on

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