Blaine Monologue

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The empty shot glasses are left on the bar with some bills. Hand in hand, they head towards the music.

Its wall-to-wall bodies in the dancing area. Kurt follows Blaine to a small patch of space. Blaine twists and turns, grabbing Kurt's hips, and pulling him close.

The song has a decent beat, so he and Blaine move in time to the music grinding against each other.

"So," Kurt says with a smile, "what's a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?"

"I know some people. This isn't really my scene but…they needed some help. For the show tonight. Nothing else," Blaine adds quickly.

Kurt twists in Blaine's arms so that his back is to Blaine's front. He wiggles his ass against Blaine's crotch, leaning back so his head is resting on Blaine's shoulder. "What kind of help do they need from someone in a skintight police uniform?"
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An announcement got made that LVPD was shutting down the party. So, me and a couple of other guys in police uniforms came out onstage to get the crowd riled up. When you wanted to take a picture with me, I assumed you thought I was one of the actors."

"Charlotte says you perform."

"Not yet. And not here."

Whatever. He's got the undivided attention of a seriously hot guy, what else does he need?

A condom, right? He's so funny.

It isn't until he gets a glimpse of a familiar face that Kurt begins to get an inkling of what's going on. He's lost track of how many songs they've danced to. Kurt is really into it and trying to decide if now is a good time to ask Blaine back to his hotel room when he swears he sees Jayson
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