Blaise Pascal's Argument Essay

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Blaise Pascal was a French Christian philosopher and a mathematician. In 1670, he completed his work Pensees where he wanted to make a logical appeal in believing in God. This work shows how believing in God is just as rational not believing in Him. Then he explains how it mathematically makes sense to believe in Him. This logic greatly reminds me of a gambler’s mentality. He points out that we lose nothing by believing in God but we could potentially gain infinite benefits from believing in Him. I believe this can be a useful tool for a believer to justify his beliefs, but he should not only rely on this argument. For example, I do not believe that it can justify his actions. What does God expect from us? How can we know? If mere…show more content…
In 1880 he finished his novel, The Brothers Karamazov, which opened many discussions on ethics and the nature of God. He dug into the difficult topic of human suffering under a perfect God. He seemed to be responding to the idea that suffering brought harmony to universe, claiming that joy would not be true joy if it there was not suffering as well. Dostoevsky seemed to accept the notion that adults’ suffering is just because they often choose evil things which brings suffering on them. On the other hand, he argued, children’s suffering should not be called just because they are incapable of choosing evil. I agree with this argument in arguing against divine harmony being the reason for human suffering, but I would say that even most adults do not deserve many of the afflictions they receive. The problem is that Dostoevsky implies that this is a reason to rebel against God here he makes an appeal to ignorance fallacy. He is saying that because we do not know why children suffer under a perfect God means there must not be a logical explanation. So in the end, Dostoevsky does give a reason to question the divine harmony argument, but does not give us reason to question the justice of God. This pulls philosophers back to the drawing board to solve the problem of human
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