Blake And Koyczan Essay

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Blake and Koyczan convey moving and emotional poems using mainly similar techniques such as imagery, theme and structure.

The messages and/or themes of Koyczan and Blake’s poems both share very personal and emotional meanings.
Blake and Koyczan’s poems are each based on emotional, personal and somewhat sad experiences in their life. Each poem speaks of real things, people and events that have happened and they have experienced. Meaning there is more of a personal and real feeling, in result this makes them both very powerful and moving. Blake had focused his poem on his life experience of suffering from insomnia. He uses sad language and speaks of his experience in such a way to make the audience feel sorry, and understand how bad insomnia can feel; “The wild winds weep, /And the night is a-cold; / Come hither, sleep, / And my grief’s infold…”
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These are side effects that can occur when someone suffers from insomnia. And from the section where Blake mentions how his griefs infold, Blake had unpleasant experience with insomnia. Koyczan however, his poem is about loss. He talks and expresses his emotion and feelings about a loss of a friend, and how that experience influenced his view on life. Koyczan focuses his poem on a very difficult and emotional time of his life, and throughout the poem he puts his emotion into every
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