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Blake Snyder Beat Sheet
October 19 2012
Mean girls

Opening image: The first image seen is of a girl’s parents telling their daughter goodbye and to have a good first day at school. The girl’s mother is crying because unlike most kids her daughter has never been to a real school. She is sixteen years old and has been homeschooled all her life.
Theme stated: “I had a lot of friends in Africa. But so far, none in Evanston.” This line basically foreshadows how she has no friends at her new school so far… Which tells us she will meet new friends and people and that we’ll just have to wait and find out whom and how it goes.
Setup: In the first ten minutes of the movie we learn that Cady is our main character and she has moved from
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It was going good until Regina decided to speak to Aaron at the Halloween party and lied to him saying that Cady was crazy and obsessed with him, here are some examples “I know she's kind of socially retarded and weird, but she's my friend, so just promise me you won't make fun of her.” “She's like a little girl. She, like, writes all over her notebook, "Mrs. Aaron Samuels." And she made this T-shirt that says "I heart Aaron" and she wears it under all her clothes.” And “And OK, look, I'm not saying she's a stalker, but she saved this Kleenex you used and she said she's going do some kind of African voodoo with it to make you like her.” Regina then kissed them, after all these lies Aaron became a bit freaked out (but we can tell he likes Cady) and starts dating Regina. Aaron offers to tutor Cady afterschool and agrees to not tell Regina just in case she’d be mad. While tutoring they kiss and then breakaway because he doesn’t find it fair for Regina. Cady has a huge party and lots of people went including Aaron. When Aaron finds himself upstairs in Cady’s room he stares at a photo of Cady when she was younger on an elephant. Aaron smiles helplessly and a song starts playing. Now that everything in the break into three is done, Aaron smiles when Cady is going to try something new and not talk behind anyone’s back and when she gets a 98 in a math test Aaron says “Welcome back nerd” with a smile. It was clear that

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