Blanche Ingram

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Blanche ingram although a minor character plays a very important role in the novel Jane Eyre.
Blanche was the daughter of one of Edward Rochester’s distant neighbors. She was a socially high class woman, a socialite whom Rochester courted in order to make jane jealous.
Blanche ingram is first introduced in the novel by mrs.fairfax. it is her description about blanche’s beauty which creates a curiosity in the mind of jane as well as the readers.mrs Fairfax describes blanche to be the most beautiful woman. She describes her as chapter 16 page 139 “tall,fine bust, sloping shoulders long graceful neck :olive complexion,dark and clear ,noble features,eyes rather like mr Rochester :large and black and as brilliant as her jewels.and then she
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theye are seen aloof from the rest of the party,clinging on each other’s arms, whispering to one another ang exchanging glances.
But as jane observes there was nothing to cool or banish love in these circumstances since neither of the parties seemed to be in love. As we know Rochester ultimately used blanche to make jane jealous and blanche was a gold digger who wanted to secure a strong financial future by marrying Rochester.
Jane considered blanche to be a mark beneath jealousy as she was not genuine person. she called her mind poor and her heart barren my nature. She lacked originality as she never offered an opinion of her own and repeated sounding phrases from books.blanche lacked the sensation,sympathy,pity, tenderness and truth.she always treated other’s with coldness and acrimony (specially Adele).
All these self proclamatory qualities of blanche rather than arousing jane’s jealous feelings makes her think further of what would the basis of such a match me.she ahd accepted that miss ingram was in stark contrast to a good noble woman eith force, fervor, kindness and sense. She could easily judge the the intentions of the attentions that blanche showered over Rochester .
Page 163 chapter she says”surely she cannot truly like him or not like him withtrue affection.! If she did she need not coin her smiles,so lavishly,flash her glanches so unremittingly ,manufacture airs so elaborate graces so multitudinous.
Other than the
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